The Amazon River discharges 5 times as much water as any other river on the planet.
The Marshall Islands won't exist if we warm the planet 2 degrees.
Nearly all of the gold on Earth came from meteorites that bombarded the planet over 200 million years after it formed.
There are about 22,000 manmade objects orbiting around planet Earth.
Our galaxy probably contains at least 2 billion planets like Earth.
Earth is the only planet whose name in English is not derived from a Greco-Roman God.
Neptune was the first planet to get its existence predicted by calculations before it was actually seen by a telescope.
There are more life forms living on your skin than there are people on the planet.
Jupiter has a hurricane which has been going on for over 300 years. It can be seen as a red spot on the planet. This hurricane on Jupiter is bigger than the Earth itself.
When astronauts first shaved in space, their weightless whiskers floated up to the ceiling. A special razor had to be developed which drew the whiskers in like a vacuum cleaner.